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We offer a wide range of service to bring your pool back to life, such as:

  • Liner Replacement
  • Water Features
  • Salt Water Conversion
  • New underground plumbing
  • Safety Covers
  • Pool Lights
  • Pool Coping
  • New pool equipment
  • Install vinyl covered steps/bench
  • Add or replace fiber glass walk-in steps
  • Pool Coping
pool liner replacement
Replacement Liners

Eventually the time will come. You need a new liner. We offer an all in price and have many liner patterns to choose from. 

Included in our price: 

– drain the pool, remove and dispose of old liner.

-measure and order new liner.

-install new face plates and gaskets.

-minor repairs to grout bottom.

-install new liner.

Saltwater conversion

Saltwater Chlorine pools have been on the rise over the last couple of decades here in Canada. What that does is electronically control the pools chlorine level.

Pool Equipment Replacement

We can help you with Replacing any of your pools equipment, Pumps,Filters,Heaters, or Salt cell of all makes and models. 

High efficiency Pumps will lower your electricity bill.

Safety cover

We provide and install any shape or size of safety covers. Contact us for a free quote.


We have proudly created three separate Product packages to suit our customers’ requirements.

The Premium Package offers High End Equipment with a hassle-free warranty. The Variable Seed Super Flo Pump meets the energy criteria set by the U.S.

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This Package is meant for pools that are going to have Water Features. A stronger pump with that same Energy Star Rating with a Cartridge filter.

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The Automation Package offers the most energy and cost effective equipment to operate your pool. Same High-End products with a hassle free warranty.

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